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Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyaah رحمه الله said;
“And whoever his sins are plenty, then his greatest remedy is Jihad”
[Majmou’ Al-Fatawa 28/421]

9th April 2014

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ya umee…

4 months have passed since I last saw your face
4 months have passed since I last ate what your hands made
4 months have passed since I last saw your smile
And 4 months have passed since I departed without a goodbye.

The right of a final hug and the last kiss I took away from you, my beloved
But there is not a day that goes by where my body does not yearn for your affection

For you, ya umee I crossed the seven seas and for you ya umee I beg and cry to Allah
I plead and ask him every night to unite us again, to let us be together, forever.
Ya umee we will meet again, a place where you will never shed a tear. A place where your most precious ears will not have to hear even a word from the mouths of the munafiqeeen.
Ya Umeee they can say what they wish and what is within their hearts is even more vile. Let them talk and let them slander.
You have not to even say a word of defence against your Daughter. Out of everyone in this Dunyah, who knows me better than you?

They will question and bring doubt upon your upbringing and your tarbiyaah. But wallahi my mother you have raised a Lioness among a land of cowards.

Don’t ever doubt your daughter’s love for you my mother, don’t ever doubt I won’t give you the world. But ya Umee this world is not worth it at all. Ya umee we will go to a place which the mind cannot comprehend, where no eye has laid upon it yet. A place specially reserved for you my beloved - inshaAllah - a place where the reward for your patience will be presented.

So, forgive me, my love. 4 months ago I left without a warning. Forgive me ya Umee I left and I know you’ve accepted that I’m never coming back.

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9th April 2014

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Wallahi I cannot comprehend into words how much I love Umm Haritha. Like a mom, a big sister and a best friend all in one. 3 in 1. :’) may Allah unite us in jannatul firdous. <3 
yo shouts to my besto, follow her blog mashaAllah its very beneficial -

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9th April 2014

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Diary of a Muhajirah

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Before I even start writing this I want to state that Allah knows my intentions but I am in no way at all boasting or bragging on about the position I have been blessed with out of the mercy of Allah. And I am in no way demeaning those who haven’t yet embarked upon this journey and most importantly I am not at all deterring sisters from choosing this path - I just want to paint a realistic picture of what is in store for the sisters here. I just ask my beloved sisters to take the sincere advice I will give them into consideration if they fear Allah.


First and foremost I will try and answer the commom questions sisters ask me regarding Hijrah and the life in Syria for the Muhajirat;

1. Many sisters ask me to give them a list of what they should bring with them from the West and what they will need here. There are many materialistic things that can be found here however it is better for you to bring clothes, shoes etc from the West. There are clothes here, but Wallahi the quality is really bad. It’s a miracle if you find a top or trousers which last longer than a month. So bring all your clothing from socks and underwear to dresses and hijaab. The biggest mistake I made was not bringing enough jilbabs and niqaab because I presumed I may be able to find Islamic clothing here but honestly that is next to impossible. (Not to mention how the Syrians view of Hijab is a complete joke, the abayas are skin tight and their niqaab starts from their forehead and ends at their nostrils, I wish I was exaggerating but unfortunately I’m really not) may Allah protect us… So sisters please try and bring your 3 layer Niqaabs, Jilbabs and Khimars from back home - try ordering them online perhaps if you cannot find them around your local shops. The shoes here are also bad quality, in addition they only seem to have 3 sizes here lol so maybe bring a pair of trainers with you. For the winter you will most likely need a good pair of boots and a thick warm coat. The winters here are freezing, trust me I’m from North of Britain and even still I found it cold. You can find shampoos soaps and other female necessities here, so do not stress if you think you will be experiencing some cavewomen life here. Alhumdulilaah I have experienced far too much luxury than I was expecting.
Deen wise please do remember to bring all your Kitaabs and download as many pdfs as you can on your tablets and mobiles (Be careful to not make them too Jihadi as you also have to tie your camel - and all precations must be taken not to bait yourself out. Wallahi these Kuffar and Munafiqeen will do anything to cause the Muslimeen harm. But they plot and plan however Allah is the best of Planners). It is very difficult to download lectures or books here unless you have a 5 star internet connection (Allahumma Baarik lol) which is very rare here, so unfortunately we mostly depend on bluetoothing to one another. You will have too much free time here so if anything this can be a huge fitnah if not used correctly. Read the Quran, study the Seerahs and Aqeedah. It’s so important to keep seeking knowledge. And lastly for the married sisters or soon to be married, bring makeup and jewellery from the West because trust me there is absolutely nothing here… unless you plan on looking like a clown ting. Haha I know somethings sound very tedious and not necessary but you will thank me later, plus I’m just trying my best to give as detailed a list as I can.

2. Before making Hijrah there are many ways one can try and prepare themselves for what is in store. To live a completely different kind of life means completely changing your outlook on life and researching as much you want until you feel content with what you are about to do and know it is right. To sisters, don’t take the big commitment and step of leaving Daar ul Kufr if you still are in doubt wether it is Wajib or not, or wether it will be Harram on you for leaving without a Mahram or not. You will not enjoy your Hijrah truly until you believe from the bottom of your heart it is to please Allah, and most importantly you need to be sincere in your intentions. If you are still in doubt then research until you are content. However do not keep using this as an excuse to stay back from the land of Jihad. And Allah knows what is hidden in the hearts. Wallahi the most beautiful part of Hijrah is making it away from your sins and Nafs before physically making Hijrah away from Darul Kufr. There are many ways to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.
• Mentally you need to gain closeness to Allah. This is very important, you need to pray istikhara and try and spend your nights seeking counsel from the Most Wise. Why would Allah guide us towards something that is not Khayr for you? And most importantly attach yourself to the Book of Allah and wallahi you will find all the answers to your doubts and worries in their. You are doing all this purely for the sake of Allah and no other reason than this. Your Hijrah is for His sake and you do not fear the blame of the blamers.
• Emotionally you will face many obstacles, from family to your everyday habits. I remember I thought I would be living in a camp in the middle of the dessert so I tried my best to cut down on my favourite foods and use very little water thus preventing wastage. Haha I find it very funny now when I look back, but to be honest all of this really helps to lower your expectations on life and accept whatever comes your way as a blessing from Allah. And personally an important step for me was trying to distance myself from my family as much as I could, while still fulfilling your Fardh towards them. This was crucial for myself as I didn’t and still don’t trust my stubborn heart. Everything is always easier said than done and leaving my family for the sake of Allah was the biggest sacrifice I’ve ever made in my selfish life so far. I ask you all to make Duaa that Allah accepts from me this Hijrah and keeps me sincere to Him always.
• Physical preparation is something that most Muhajireen - including myself - missed out on due to impatience, haste and excitement! Haha and what I mean by that is making sure you visit the GP and get all the shots and vaccinations that you require. You are travelling half way across the world and your immune system will most likely be in for a shock. You will regret if you don’t do this since the Health care here is funny, the way it works here is that they just keep prescribing you with everything and anything… Try and bring painkillers and Diahorea tablets… lol you will need it for the first month or so. And have trust in Allah, always.

3. A normal day for a Muhajirah revolves around the same duties as a normal housewife. *At the moment I’m living at a sisters Makar (headquarters/base) along with many other sisters in Raqqah, since the situation with the Muhajireen has been unsettling since the fighting with FSA in Halab broke out - resulting in many of us having to leave our homes. For the time being we are being housed and taken care of here until our husbands find us a house inshaaAllah. Anyways, your day will revolve around cooking, cleaning, looking after and sometimes even educating the children. Haha I didn’t even know how to cook when I got married (3 months ago) but now I’ve had so much free time that I’ve learnt… Trust me sisters ‘practice makes perfect’. You can have electricity most of the time or you can rarely have it - it just depends upon your circumstance - but you have to be prepared for not having your mobile charged or their not being light (alhumdulilah for battery powered lights and candles) and maybe even learn how to wash your clothes by hand since you really cannot depend on the washing machine here. It may seem hard or very difficult but it is actually a lot easier than it sounds, plus it’s so very easy to adjust to the life here. Moreever you have a lot of time to seek out knowledge and hifz Quran. And when your husband has free time then he can take you out to practice shooting etc. In addition if your husband gives you permission then you can go to the internet Cafe with a group of sisters or the Market if you need anything. Wallahi it really just depends on how you want to utilise your time. It is very easy to get distracted and waste time here, it’s Sunnah to have a laugh and enjoy the company of your friends. But be careful not to invite Shaytan in and adopt the silly habit of backbiting and ill talk. All advice to myself first and foremost.
Last but not least, as mundane as some of the day to day tasks may get, still you truly value every minute here for the sake of Allah. If you know the blessings of this land and those residing in it then you can be placed into the worst of situations and chores here and you will still find those rare people who will have a huge smile on their face simply because their intentions are to please Allah and they feel blessed to be placed in this situation out of the billions of Muslims around the world. Wallahi I have come across such beautiful sisters who will spend mornings and nights in happiness because they are cooking the Mujahideen food or they’ll clean the whole building without anyone even figuring it out who it was. Wallahi you’ll wake up in the morning and the whole Makar had been sparkly cleaned after Fajr. SubhanAllah one day after Fajr I was heading to the roof to try and contact family and catch signal until I saw an old Chechan women - much older than my own mother - cleaning the upstairs and downstairs with a cloth in her hand and on her knees swiping the staircases. You know people say you can see by someone’s face whom Allah loves and by Allah I am not exaggerating but this women has so much Noor on her face, its so beautiful. May Allah bless her. Sisters truly need to adpot this mentality and not see any work around the house even if its not for your own self as useless and annoying. Don’t forget you make Hijrah for a selfless reason, once you get here don’t ruin it for selfish motives. May Allah grant us all Ikhlas in all that we do.

4. Housing is provided by Doula. If you are married then you will be given a house. However if you are still to get married then most likely you will stay at a friends house or at a Sisters Makar (headquarters). Also, until you get given a house from Doula (since there is a waiting que) you will most likely stay at the sisters Makar while your husband will be with the brothers. At this Makar you are provided with everything alhumdulilaah, from food, water, heat, visits to doctors and sometimes even to the market accompanied by the ameer etc. I have stressed this before on twitter but I really need sisters to stop dreaming about coming to Shaam and not getting married. Wallahi life here is very difficult for the Muhajirat and we depend heavily on the brothers for a lot of support. It is not like the west where you can casually walk out and go to Asda/Walmart and drive back home… even till now we have to stay safe outside and must always be accompanied by a Mahram. Even though we are living in land which is under the control of Doula, there are still a lot of munafiqeen roaming the streets openly. Unless of course if you have family here, if your father or brother is here then it is a different situation. Regardless, it’s most appropriate and better for the sisters to get married sooner. I have come across online many sisters who want to make hijrah but are living in a day dream where they expect to live with you and your husband… lol there’s only so long one is treated like a guest and until your morals kick in and you realise how much of a burden you are upon people.
Sisters please do not listen to any sources online which give false information where Doula is openly encouraging and supporting sisters to make hijrah and never getting married. There is no housing for ‘single muhajirat’… it is just a place where someone may allow you to reside in feesaabeelilah till you get married. This is some thing I have enquired with the Umarah personally. Even the Shuhadah house (where the sisters who’s husbands have become shaheed - inshaAllah - stay) encourage the sisters once their Iddah is finished to get remarried. The reality is that to stay without a man here is really difficult. I know some brothers online are helping sisters make Hijrah feesaabeelilah, and taking care of their housing. May Allah reward them for their intentions. My advice to the sisters is to try and limit their communication with the brothers here. Most of the brothers who the sisters are constantly getting in touch with are already married and others who really don’t want to be free-mixing. Try and talk to the sisters before having to resort to getting help elsewhere. Its completely understandable though, it’s much more difficult for the sisters to get internet and for the brothers its easier and it is probably why they are online and able to reply to your queries much more. Alhumdulilaah, the less internet you have the more time you have to use feesaabeelilah.

5. Jihad. Ok, so this is one of the most common and hyped up questions I have been receiving from sisters who are intending on making hijrah beithnillah. I will be straight up and blunt with you all, there is absolutely nothing for sisters to participate in Qitaal. Sheikh Omar Shishani has been quite clear on his answer and has emphasized that there is nothing for sisters as of yet. No amalia istishihadiya (martyrdom operations) or a secret sisters katiba. These are all rumours you may have heard through some sources who themselves are not actually aware of the truth. And the women you may have seen online participating are all part of a propaganda. The women in the video are part of secularist groups who are not calling for the law of Allah. Please sisters do not believe anything you hear or see online where apparently sisters are fighting feesaabeelilah. For the time being Qitaal is not fardh ayn upon the sisters. We have plenty brothers who don’t even get selected on going on operations. The brothers get upset and start crying since they want to participate, so what does that make you think? For the sisters its completely impossible for the now. InshaaAllah in future. And this brings me onto my second point where once I tell this to sisters they have no more intention on coming here anymore… subhanAllah. Hijrah is not just for Jihad but also with the intention of living honourably under the law of Shariah. Always renew your intentions. What makes you think that you will come here and not contribute at all towards also raising the flag of Laillaha ilalah just as the brothers from the Mujahideen are also doing? Our role is even more important as women in Islam, since if we don’t have sisters with the correct Aqeedah and understanding who are willing to sacrifice all their desires and give up their families and lives in the west in order to make Hijrah and please Allah, then who will raise the next generation of Lions? Sister’s don’t forsake this beautiful blessing being able to raise the future Mujahideen of Shaam, and making them a part of the Hadith where the best of people will be in Shaam. How can you not want to leave behind offspring who may by the will of Allah be a part of the great Islamic revival? Imagine raising a son and he participates in the Al Malahem? Or having a grandson who is a part of the army of the Mahdi? Always think of everything you do to be purely for the sake of Allah and you will find a contentness in your heart like no other. Wallahi sisters our role is more important than any other, and even the brothers know they are not as capable and as strong as a women is created to be. It is a part of our Fitrah to be wives and mothers, and we are not created like man. Wallahi from the bottom of my heart I completely understand your desires and craving to participate in the battlefield and give away your blood feesaabeelilah but I will share with you a piece of advice which truly helped me…; Ok, so lets think about the 4 greatest women in Islam. It wasn’t Ayesha (Ra) who was the most knowledgeable female in Islam, so straight away we know that having much Ilm is not what makes a women great. It wasn’t Nusaybah, or Umm Sulaym or al Khansa (((Ra))) [who are well known for their participation in Qital feesaabeelilah] therefore a womens role as a Mujahidah isn’t what makes her great nor is it what they were created for. The 4 greatest women in Islam = Khadeejah, Asia, Fatimah and Maryam. So we as muslim females should view these women as our role models as these were the most blessed in the sight of Allah. So what did these females all have in common? What was it that made them so special? What made them so unique was that they raised the best of men. They raised true slaves of Allah. Their role as mothers were so important since their upbringing resulted in the future of their child - through which they gained countless ajr. And secondly their role as obedient wives is also an important factor. And that is the reality my dear sisters. We are created to be mothers and wives - as much as the western society has warped your views on this with a hidden feminist mentality. Allahu 3llam, you may gain more ajr by spending years of sleepless nights by being a mother and raising your children with the right intentions and for the sake of Allah than by doing a martyrdom operation. Wallahi it completely depends on your intentions. May Allah accept our efforts and grant us pious offspring who will act as a means of Sadqah Jariah and a means of Shafa’a.

And that is the reality of the life here for the sisters. I urge all my sisters to come and gain true honour by living under the law of Shariah, by marrying a brother who puts Allah before his desires and by being in the forefront of this Islamic revival. Wallahi there is nothing more sad than sitting in the sidelines. Keep your intentions sincere and don’t let Shaytan tempt you or make excuses for you to stay back from the land of Izzah.

*ALLAHU AKBAR, I finally finished typing this post which I had been promising since the first week I arrived in Shaam - which was more than 4 months ago haha. Anyways update is that I am no longer in the Makar anymore, alhumdulilah we have a house now in Manbij. I have tried my best to answer most queries and advise my sisters as much as I could but if you still anything more i should touxh up on and write about then please message me on tumblr, tweet me @UmmLayth_ or Kik me (_axa). Please keep my husband, the brothers here and all the Muhajirat in your Duaas. And may Allah forgive me for any wrong which I may have said. I am merely a sinful servant of Allah, please forgive me for my shortcomings.

8th April 2014

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A believer conceals the faults of others and advises them, whereas an evildoer exposes people’s shortcomings and humiliates them.
— Al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad (رحمه الله) [Jaami’ al-‘Uloom wal-Hikam]

8th April 2014

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Abū Ḥāzim al-Ashjaʻī (d. 100 A.H.; companion of Abū Ḥurayrah) said,

“If you find yourself in a time when speech is accepted as knowledge and knowledge is accepted as deeds (instead of putting it into practice), then you are in the worst time and with the worst people.”

(al-Mujālasah wa Jawāhir al-ʻilm, 4:338)

8th April 2014

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How can the soul of the Muslim feel at ease about being in a land in which the rule is for other than Allaah and His Messenger (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wa ‘Alaa Aalihi Wa Sallam)….

8th April 2014

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The Permanent Committee of Scholars (in Saudi Arabia) gave a legal verdict that: “Whoever is not able to call the Adhaan out loud then he has failed to openly perform the rituals of the deen, and it is upon him to make hijrah.”
— Shaykh ‘Abdur Rahmaan al-‘Adanee, Questions & Answers Concerning al-Hijrah

7th April 2014

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Turning back on your Hijrah, may Allah protect us all and keep us steadfast.

Turning back on your Hijrah, may Allah protect us all and keep us steadfast.

7th April 2014

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A reminder to my brothers and sisters who are considering or have left Shaam

An-Nasā’ī reported that Ibn Mas’ūd said: “The one who consumes ribā, the one who pays ribā, the one who knowingly writes down the transaction… and the one who turns back as a bedouin after his hijrah – all are cursed from the tongue of Muhammad (peace be upon him), until the Day of Resurrection.”

[An-Nasā’ī (5102), and al-Albānī declared it sahīh in ‘at-Ta’līq ar-Raghīb’ (3/49)]

3rd April 2014

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The history of this conflict does not go back to 11 September 2001. Nor does it go back to the bombing of a few embassies and ships. Rather, it goes back centuries from the time when the Jewish tribes gathered against the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and the Christians launched the Crusades against the Muslims in the 12th Century of the Christian Era. Therefore, it is not a case of ‘let’s all join hands: Muslims, Christians and Jews and wipe out terrorism’, but it is part of a deeper plot to try and destroy Islam in the World. Why did the British invade Afghanistan in 1842, when there was neither an Usama bin Ladin ( nor the Taliban?
Azzam Publications

3rd April 2014

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Hijrah without a Mahram

Question 182: There is a woman whose family members are not committed to the Qur’an and the Sunnah, and they do not support her with (wearing) the hijaab and being steadfast upon the deen. She has a nine years old son. So, is it correct for him to be her mahram, (such that) she travels with him to an Islamic country or other than it because she and her son want to seek knowledge?

Answer 182: If she intends Hijrah then it is permissible for her to travel as a Muhajirah (one who is performing Hijrah) even if without a mahram, like Umm Kulthum bint Uqbah ibn Abee Mu’eet travelled (for Hijrah) and like Zainab, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhe wa sallam travelled.

Also if she does not intend Hijrah but she intends to run away from fitnah then that is permissible for her as well, because in it (running away from fitnah) lies the meaning of Hijrah.

As for the Hadeeth: “It is not permissible for a woman to travel except with a mahram,” it remains on its general ruling and its exception is what is entailed in Hijrah, Allahu Musta’aan!

And as for the son, we did not mention him because the people are differ, from among people are some who are (mentally) matured and he is only nine years old, and from the people are those who are immature even though they have reached the age of 13 or more, so people differ in their (mental) maturity.

In any case, it is permissible for her. And it is compulsory on her to fear Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala and she should not speak to any of the passengers except women and let her not be a source of fitnah to others. Allahu Musta’aan!

[Source: “Last Journey of Imam Muqbil Ibn Hadee Al-Wadee” By His wife, Shaykhah Umm Salamah As.Salafiyah]

12th March 2014

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When the searching campaigns after him increased, and the Americans and their traitors devoted 30,000 soldiers whom mission was to find your Sheikh, I told him:

Why don’t you get out of Iraq and continue your guidance outside until this campaign is over?

He looked at me and was furious and said:

Me! Me!! Am I a traitor to get out of Iraq? !!!

NO -by Allah- I will never get out of Iraq except with victory or martyrdom.

Your Sheikh was sincere and faithful with his Lord and with you, will you be sincere?…

— The wife of Abu Musab al Zarqawi - Oum Muhammad

12th March 2014

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Message to those who stay behind and have neglected Jihad feesaabeelilah

"Oh young people and sons of the clan, attach importance to your religion and pay attention to it. May Allah enlarge your reward and we present to you our condolences, and be patient and endure for your religion until you meet him in paradise…

And I send a message to the weak and sitting people who are content with staying and disobeying the prophet –peace upon him- stay with the sitting people, and fill your bellies with food and drinks, it will be filled by dust and clay. You are content with this life, and forget the hereafter; short is the enjoyment of this life.

The caravans and processions of martyrs go on and proceed to its Lord by blood and the odor of “musk” smell out of their bodies.

Your people die in a traffic accident, or die on a soft bed, then a bad odor smell out from their bodies.

Cowards, you left the good things that Allah announces to the things that Allah warns under the pretext of what your misleading savants have said to you. I swear- by Allah- you will not be excused by your imitation to them, you are not allowed to imitate them in the principles of the religion.

And if the scholars agreed on that taking infidels as friends is among the things that take out from religion and that is the case of Arab/Muslim countries leaders, they also agreed that leaving Allah’s deen(religion) learning is considered also among the things that get out from religion, and you fell in it.

There is no excuse for you and the Quran and Sunna are preserved and in your reach, you left all this and you followed the misleading savants whom the prophet –peace of Allah upon him- feared their effect on his nation(you) more than he feared from al-Dajjal himself.”

[Letter from Abu Musab az Zarqawi’s Wife - Umm Muhammad]

12th March 2014

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Elegy –Poem- for Sheikh Abu Mosaab al-Zarkawi –mercy of Allah be upon him and may Allah accept him- from his wife

Farewell Abu Mosaab farewell
you went to the higher paradise

You left the eyes tearful
for the continuous generosity

My heart was broken
and I am sad

Oh Allah unite me with my sweetheart very soon
to accompany him swiftly

To stay near him
and to not leave me again and let me as afraid widow

No -by Allah- my eyes never had enough of seeing him
and I never had enough of accompanying him

I enjoyed his sweet whispering
in Paradise I will enjoy forever

You came to “Iraq” which was
in struggle because of the “Roman’s dogs”

And you were its blessing son (to Iraq)
and you fought them hardly

You have slaughtered the infidelity
when you slaughtered worthless infidels in battle

They were terrified because of
your acts my prince

By a “knife”…..
you have brought double retaliation from them

And you established Allah’s rule on the “Rafeda” (Group of Shiites)
and you demonstrated the “proof” about them indisputably

You were a glory for “Islam” by Allah
and by “Islam” you were honored and steady without fear

Iraq will weep for you
and every span you have stepped on will weep

You were a support for al-Rafedayn land for a long time
now It is like just an hour

Live in the verdant paradise eternally
there, there is no fear

Oh Allah unite me with my sweetheart very soon
to accompany him swiftly

Your wife / lover of the slayer prince
Oum Mohammad

[The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq - AlFajr media center]

12th March 2014

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Congratulations my Sheikh, my leader, my sweetheart.
Congratulations to you.

You wished to obtain martyrdom for the sake of Allah
I suppose - inshaaAllah -
that you have obtained it twice.
The first, is the martyrdom for the sake of Allah.
And the second, is the martyrdom of one who is killed by a building falling on him.

It is true that Abu Hurayra (Allah be well-pleased with him) reported that the Prophet said: “He who is killed in the way of Allah is a martyr; he who dies naturally in the Cause of Allah is a martyr; he who dies of plague is a martyr; he who dies of a stomach disease is a martyr; and he who is drowned is a martyr.” [Sahih Muslim]

May Allah reward him twice…
May Allah reward him twice

— Letter from the wife of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi (Rahimahullah) to the whole world